18-year-old arrested for stealing merchandise from Nike store in downtown Spokane during riots | News

SPOKANE, Wash. – An 18-year-old woman was arrested for her role in the looting of the downtown Spokane Nike store on May 31.

According to court documents obtained by KHQ, Nevaeh Loftice was arrested six days after she was identified on video running away from the store with stolen clothes. Detectives also came across several social media posts documenting the incident.

During the riots on Sunday May 31, the large glass windows in front of the Nike store were smashed by scores of people using glass bottles, improvised tools and body force. Many people then illegally entered the Nike store and grabbed handfuls of clothes and other merchandise, throwing them on the sidewalk for other people to steal.

According to court documents, detectives found numerous videos on social media showing Loftice rushing outside the Nike store where the merchandise had been dumped. She reportedly grabbed a white, gray and black Nike jacket and ran off with it, smiling.

Detectives then found numerous Facebook posts on Loftice’s page, where she admitted to stealing the jacket.

“The defendant’s messages showed no remorse for her actions and attempted to minimize her involvement,” the court documents say.

According to court documents, Loftice made the following comments:

  • “Yes, I was laughing because my sister was making a joke, I took a [expletive] coat you [expletive] crying babies.”
  • “ok stop tagging me [expletive] I didn’t break nun or nun from that I grabbed a jacket on the [expletive] grown up stfu”
  • “Good [expletive] everyone boring i took one [expletive] jacket if Nike wants it back they can have it”
  • “y’all mad at an lmfao jacket”

Loftice also posted a Facebook video of itself live about the incident after it happened. Again, the investigating detective said Loftice showed no remorse and made comments that two of her other friends who were with her at the time also stole jackets.

The value of the jacket taken by Loftice was assessed at less than $750, according to court documents. She was arrested on Saturday June 6 and made her first court appearance on Tuesday June 9.

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