Court documents: 18-year-old arrested for stealing from Nike store admitted as much in Facebook post

SPOKANE, Wash. — Newly filed court documents show the suspect in a downtown Nike store robbery admitted to the crime in a Facebook post.

Spokane police have arrested 18-year-old Nevaeh R. Loftice in connection with the incident, which occurred May 31, following the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Spokane.

That night, people broke into several downtown businesses, smashed windows and tagged buildings. A video of people breaking into the Nike store was shared on social media, as was a video of protesters actively trying to arrest these people.

According to court documents, video of the incident shows Loftice running past the store where the glass was shattered, grabbing a jacket, and then running away with a smile.

A court document also shows that Loftice admitted to stealing the jacket on social media.

According to the records, Loftice wrote: “Yes, I was laughing because my sister was making a joke [expletive] I took you a fucking coat [expletive] crying babies” on his Facebook page.

She reportedly wrote several other posts about the incident, including a Facebook video of herself livestreamed after the incident. Court documents show Loftice made comments that two of his other friends also stole jackets.

Loftice was arrested on Saturday June 6, but was released. She made her first court appearance on Tuesday for second-degree burglary and third-degree robbery.

A judge banned her from all Nike stores.

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