DeMar DeRozan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant and the WNBA with Nike shoes

Yesterday was a special day in basketball history. NBA players participating in the annual summer pro-am tournament known as the Drew League are not uncommon. But it’s been more than a decade since Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James made the pilgrimage to Compton, Calif., for a few hoops.

Even better, James teamed up with Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan. Everyone knows DeRozan is a staple in the Drew League. He has played there almost every summer since he was 14 years old. He often uses the platform to promote positive messages and the Nike Kobe line of sneakers. Yesterday, DeRozan achieved both of those goals.

The perennial NBA All-Star wore a pair of Nike Kobe 6 PE (Player Exclusives) in the ‘WNBA’ colorway. The inspiration for the sneakers came from the orange and white WNBA hoodie popularized by Kobe Bryant in 2019.

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As we covered yesterday, James has officially launched his new signature model – the Nike LeBron 20. While these shoes are sure to arrive later this summer, there’s almost no chance that DeRozan’s Nike Kobe 6 PEs will be available. sold to the public.

But again, who knows. Nike and the Bryant estate were able to agree on a new contract in March 2022, so anything is possible. The Drew League is far from over and Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young will be taking part in it soon. Stay locked into for the latest news, updates, and interviews.

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