“It’s like a Nike store, there’s nothing but blue checks” | Deion Sanders Brings Famous Influencer Chaser Brittany Renner To JSU To Spit A “Game”

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Before Deion Sanders led Jackson State to an 11-1 record, including going an 8-0 SWAC conference undefeat and winning the SWAC Championship Game, Coach Prime put his team on “the game.”

Sanders invited Instagram model and Jackson State alumnus Brittany Renner to speak to Jackson State football players. The goal was to teach them to avoid transactional relationships as they progress through professional sports and non-sports careers.

When Renner was a student at JSU, she helped the football team win a SWAC title in 2010.

The essential difference

Although the reunion took place in October, the video of Sanders and Renner was recently posted on Instagram this week. Renner educated student-athletes on the new rules when the stakes are higher.

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“Naturally, if you play sports, it’s an incentive to talk to you,” Renner said. “Often women, men in general. Everyone wants something. Even though we have our own thing, it feels like it’s good to be with you because you increase my stock. I boost your stock. It’s so easy.”

Additionally, Renner told the team that his Instagram direct messages are “like a Nike store” full of blue ticks from artists and athletes.

Blue checks everywhere

“It’s like a Nike store — it’s just blue tiles. When you reach a certain status, you can have a choice of scope. I’m talking heavyweight.
“It’s a compromise, but you have to be aware of what you’re signing up for,” she said. “You are trying to make it to the NFL. You understand there’s a lot that comes with that, don’t you? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion dollar question we all want to know.

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After raising the profile of HBCU gamers, Sander knows he’s unleashed the world-hunting beast. Bringing in Renner was his version of preemptive preparation for the team.

The Renner Way

From rappers like Drake and Lil Uzi Vert to ballers like James Harden, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons and Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington, with whom she has a child, Renner plays the weight game.

PJ Washington took to Twitter to respond to Brenner’s educational platform, which he no doubt appreciated.

Coach Prime took to social media to explain Renner’s reunion.

“It is my responsibility as a coach to prepare my young men for everything on and off the pitch,” Sanders wrote. “I brought in @bundleofbrittany to educate them on how the game is played between men and women at their age and stage. The message may not be for everyone, but believe me, it’s for someone.

On the game

Renner informed the players of the obvious. As their status grows, their visibility and addicts follow.

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“You just have to be aware – no one is here for nothing,” Renner said. “It’s just about knowing who might be there during times of adversity. And you could only know that through adversity. As if you had an injury and couldn’t play for a short time. These are things you are going to have to see for yourself.

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