Kyrie Irving trashes her own iconic Nike shoes (photos)

Kyrie Irving (Photo credit: Jackie Brown /

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving is almost as famous for his unabashed candor as he is for his spectacular basketball exploits. Well, the mass exposure of its own Nike shoes will only add to its reputation and send shivers down the spine of the apparel and footwear giant.

The brilliant Brooklyn Nets shot-stopper ripped pieces of Nike’s skin when he said the footwear giant didn’t involve him in the design of the shoe’s eighth edition. Therefore, Irving wants nothing to do with them and won’t wear them because he thinks the shoes are “trash”.

“Have nothing to do with the design or marketing of the next #Kyrie8, IMO this is rubbish!” Irving spat with venom on Instagram. “I have absolutely nothing to do with them! Nike plans to release it without my consent no matter what I say, so I apologize in advance to all my sneakerheads and true supporters of the #KAI11 brand.

According to Bloomberg, Kyrie’s Nike shoes are one of the best-selling brands in the NBA. The shoemaking giant has created several versions of the Kyrie shoe since signing Irving in 2011 when he was the No. 1 pick for the Cleveland Cavs over Duke.

Therefore, Irving and others do not know why the sniper was excluded from the process.

Irving has made no further public statement regarding the brand or its stark assessment of the Kyrie 8 shoes. Nike has also remained silent on the matter.

There’s no indication of when the shoes were made available to the public, or why Nike chose not to include the dazzling ballhandler in the designs.

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