Looters try to break into the Nike store in East LA | East LA News

East Los Angeles — Looters tried but failed to break into the Nike store on Whittier Boulevard on Sunday night.

The store, which opened in 2015 near the Whittier Boulevard arch, suffered broken glass and damaged part of the security barriers. But, according to a guard, officers arrived before the looters could enter the store nearly a block away.

It appears, based on social media accounts, that the attempted break-in took place around 10 p.m., hours after a countywide curfew was imposed after peaceful protests by George Floyd in Long Beach and Santa Monica turned violent, with widespread looting.

There were no other signs of looting or damage on Whittier Boulevard near the Nike store this morning, photographer Aurelio Jose Barrera said.

Vandalized East LA Nike store Auerlio Jose barrera 6-1-2020 9-40-14 AM.jpg

Vandalized East LA Nike store Auerlio Jose barrera 6-1-2020 9-40-05 AM.jpg

Protect yourself from looters

Security guard parked outside the East LA Nike store.

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