Nike Store has curbside pickup, like Walmart and Target

  • Nike has launched a curbside pickup service alongside its new store in Los Angeles.
  • Nike by Melrose, the first Nike Live concept store, has limited rear parking where customers can purchase, return or exchange products.
  • It uses a new texting platform, called Swoosh Text, that connects directly with store employees.
  • It’s part of a larger trend by retailers to rethink the drive-thru model.

It’s not exactly a drive-thru for Nike sneakers, but it’s not too far off either.

Nike launched a new type of store in July called Nike Live. The first of the stores landed in Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue. Fittingly, the store is called Nike by Melrose.

The store has features that allow it to fit right in, like stock that changes to accommodate customer preferences, lots of style, and a glitzy exterior mural.

One of its most significant features, at least for a car-centric city like LA, is a new curbside pickup service.

At the back of the store, near the alley, there are a few parking spaces to park. These aren’t for long browsing sessions, though. They are intended for curbside pickup, where customers can show up and quickly purchase, exchange or return any item.

To communicate with the store, Nike has something called Swoosh Text. It is an SMS platform, just like texting on a cell phone, which connects directly with store employees. Tell them you’re coming and when, and they’ll have your purchase ready for you when you stop by. They can also tell you what they have in stock and call you without you having to get out of the car.

These services are only available to Nike Plus members, which is the retailer’s free membership program.

The brake is increasingly contested by retailers. Grocery stores and restaurant chains have offered curbside pickup for years, but just this year Target, Walmart and Whole Foods announced or expanded pickup programs where customers don’t have to leave their vehicles to complete their purchase.

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