OH NO! Shoppers tear down Nike store in Black Friday craze

TULALIP, WA (KTRK) — Between the usual Black Friday fights, sales and long lines, you’ll find a chaotic mess left for someone to clean up.

“It looked like an earthquake had just shook the place,” Larry Downer told ABC13.

It might be the perfect summary of what happened at a Nike Factory Store at the Seattle Premium Outlets. In a viral social media post, Downer captured some of the moments from inside the store. A sea of ​​orange boxes and people stumbling through them metaphorically represent the start of a chaotic but welcome holiday shopping season.

“We walked in and it was crazy,” Downer said.

He says he went to the store around 8:30 p.m. on Black Friday in Tulalip, Washington to buy a pair of basketball shoes for his son.

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“I don’t shop on Black Friday,” Downer said. “I have never.”

He says when he entered the floor was covered with boxes and shoes strewn everywhere.

In fact, the pair of LeBron James shoes he bought were a game of “cat and mouse.” One shoe was inside the box and the other was nowhere to be found. After a quick read through several aisles, Downer says they were able to locate the other shoe in – you guessed it – another aisle.

Hopefully the next time you’re in an aisle, this story will remind you to treat the store like it’s your own.

Someone will thank you for it.

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