Oklahoma State uses Nike shoes for 2022 National Signature Day graphics and videos

Over the past few years, Oklahoma State has been one of the best at creating unique and memorable signing day graphics and videos to announce its new class of signers.

Who can forget Red Dead Redemption’s homage to NSD19 in 2018 which played on the Oklahoma State “Cowboys” moniker and the video game franchise’s popularity?

Of course, there were last year’s Techmo Bowl-style video game graphics and videos that were arguably the best of the year in 2020 in all of college football.

This year, Oklahoma State realized the shoe craze for NSD22 and leveraged its relationship with Nike to create awesome shoe and shoebox content.

The idea for this year’s graphics came last month.

“So we had a meeting in early November to start thinking about ideas and what our plan should be,” Vessels said. “A lot of the designer looks this year were inspired by the Nike brand and our designers (Jonathan Chaves and Harold Smith) have done a phenomenal job with those this season, as well as our students. And with shoes that are bigger than ever from these days it made sense to make them a focal point of our NSD look, as they are relevant in the social landscape and fit into our look this season.

Each signer’s video begins with an orange Nike shoebox and some details about each player changing, including their player number, weight and measurements, and more. Note the name of the shoe on each box, we’ll get to that in a minute.

Another thing to note; QR codes.

“It’s a low-key detail, but the first QR code leads to the CowboyFB page, then it turns into a QR code that leads to each guy’s personal Twitter profile,” said OSU football videographer Heath. Vessels. “We wanted to make them as personalized as possible for each player.”

The videos end with highlights from each player, a welcome message and the 2022 hashtag, #letsride2022.

Next comes the individual graphics for each player. Each signer received a “shoe graphic” that they could display themselves announcing that they had signed with Oklahoma State. You will notice that each player’s graphics are different.

“We asked them what their favorite Nike show was, and then we created custom OSU versions for each guy,” Vessels said.

If you want to know what kind of shoe it is, it’s featured on the box in the video (you were told to keep that shoe name in mind).

Taking the time to customize each signer’s favorite Nike shoe for a graphic is the level of attention to detail and creativity we expect from the Oklahoma State football and creative team.

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