Opening of a Nike store at the Country Club Plaza

For longtime Kansas City residents, Country Club Plaza has a reputation.

“When I first moved here, it was very hot, I guess. Very upscale and not always somewhere I could shop,” said Dawn Baker, who has lived in Kansas City for over 20 years old.

On Saturday, Baker shopped at the new Nike store in Country Club Plaza. She says it’s an example of how the region is changing for the better.

“Places like Nike, Forever 21, kind of attract more people who might not have the highest incomes to afford high-end things,” Baker said.

Most agree that it’s time the city got a Nike store.

“The main reason for that is that it’s such a sports-obsessed city,” said Kris Young, senior vice president of Nike stores for North America.

This store is unlike any other across the country.

“We’re taking the physical and the digital together,” Young said.

The pilot store evolves brick and mortar for the tech generation.

“So if the consumer prefers to buy from, they can come here, touch the product and do it,” Young said.

For Baker, that’s exactly what brought her to the Nike store on Saturday. She wanted to see a product in person that she first saw online.

“I want to try on a pair of running shoes. I saw them online and knew it was opening up,” Baker said.

Feeling more comfortable shopping at Country Club Plaza is just an added bonus.

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