Opening of a Nike store in Glendale with a “swoosh”

Pulling out a pair of Nike shoes with red toes and blue heels at the Glendale Nike store grand opening on Thursday morning, Kenneth Aram exclaimed, “It’s cool they have this!”

“I wanted to see what was going to drop,” Aram said, explaining why he left Pacoima to be one of the first to explore the 5,470-square-foot store in Americana at Brand.

According to Aram, the shoes he was holding, the ‘UNC to Chicago’ Air Jordan 1s, were released in Chicago during All-Star week but were made available at the new store ‘as a treat’ for enthusiasts. sneakers like him. .

Nike by Glendale is the world’s fourth “live” store, or small-format store offering rotating experiences and services tailored to the local community, according to Nike spokesperson Angineh Storino.

This is the third “living” Nike store in the Los Angeles area. The first opened on Melrose Avenue in 2018.

Interior of the Nike by Glendale store

(Lila Seidman)

Some attendees, like Bobby Starks-Gera, heard the commotion from the balcony of his apartment across the street and decided to take the opportunity to replace his old shoes.

“[It’s about the] ease of shopping,” Starks-Gera said, putting on a pair of neutral-colored walking shoes. “I’m a single mother, so I needed shoes. They are here. I bought them.”

Convenience is key to the sprawl of the city and surrounding areas, according to Storino.

Kenneth Aram of Pacoima holds up a pair of trainers he is considering buying.

Kenneth Aram of Pacoima holds up a pair of trainers he is considering buying.

(Lila Seidman)

“We know that 5 miles can sometimes take an hour to travel, and I think opening these community stores with these live concepts can really help the consumer who lives in the area,” said Storino, who is from Glendale.

A rotating selection of athletic footwear and equipment is “really informed by what’s relevant, popular, most sought after or most purchased items in the area, for consumers who live here,” Storino said.

This means that, on the whole, the articles will be influenced by the tastes of Glendalians.

Upon opening, a line formed in front of what the brand calls an unlock box – a sort of vending machine that allows Nike members to scan a barcode once a month for loot. This month the offer is socks.

The company’s “swoosh” insignia popped out from every corner – on shoes, running shorts, the exterior of the store, and even donuts and lattes handed out as part of the grand opening celebration.

Nike latte art featured at the Glendale store grand opening.

Nike latte art featured at the Glendale store grand opening.

(Lila Seidman)

As part of the “live” concept, the store will host one-time and recurring events and services, including shoe cleaning, a nail bar, yoga classes and group runs. A community board at the store lists dates and times.

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