The redesigned Seattle Nike store features gait analysis

nike run analysis

A runner tests Nike Run Analysis in Seoul, South Korea.


Nike recently gave its Seattle location a futuristic makeover.

The new store has a number of exciting features, including an art installation signed by Seahawks players and a complex display from Michael Jordan.

Perhaps most interesting about the store is its new gait analysis technology.

The leading sports brand has quietly added this running assessment technology for several of its stores around the world in recent months.

The concept is quite simple. One steps onto a treadmill for a short run while an expert staff member monitors the participant’s stride using Nike technology.

The expert is then able to recommend an appropriate running shoe for the runner based on the test results.

At the end of the test, the runners also receive a video of their performance, so that they can analyze their stride themselves.

Nike Run Analysis


Generally speaking, advanced Gait technology can flag issues in a person’s running style or identify what is causing injury to the runner.

However, Nike’s running assessment technology seems to be designed more with the goal of finding the right Nike shoes for your run.

The free service attracts many runners looking for feedback on form and a well-fitting shoe.

Three locations in New York, Nike Running Flatiron, Nike Running Upper East Side and NikeTown New Yorkcurrently offer ride rating technology.

It’s also available in select locations across the country, including Nike Chicago, Nike Mall of America in Minnesota, Nike Lenox Mall in Georgia, and Nike Scottsdale in Arizona, among others.

Even some international sites offer Nike Run Analysis in stores. Check out this Nike + Running Analysis test done in TokyoJapan.

One runner, Susie Lemmer, tried the service at Nike Chicago last month and detailed her experience in a blog post.

Upon arrival, the in-store expert asked her a number of questions ranging from her history and future running plans to her favorite type of shoe.

During the test, she was filmed from the side and from behind to get a full perspective of her stride.

The test is designed to analyze, “the drop of your foot, the angle of pronation and the rotation of your stride,” according to Lemmer.

Lemmer had nothing but praise for the service and highly recommended other runners check it out.

I had a great time testing my running shoes and new shoes – it’s a fantastic service from Nike. It was really enlightening for me to see how much work I have left to do and how much my natural stride really reverts to old habits when I let them slip,” Lemmer wrote in the post.

Discover the video of a runner.

Another runner visited a Nike store in Toronto and also had a very positive experience completing the review.

“Te Nike+ Run Analysis has helped me a lot to understand my body and my running habits on a whole new level. Now I am more aware and cautious of my overall running style and aesthetics, as working on areas of improvement is crucial for successful and more enjoyable runs during training,” Christina Cheng wrote in a blog post.

We’ve contacted Nike about their future plans for Run Analysis and will update if we receive a response.

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